Lana Kaufman – painter, art critic, expert. Born in 1982 in Uzbekistan, as a child attended art school in Karshi. From early childhood, she moved with her parents to different countries, studied languages, cities and places that differed from others. Later, Lana learned about the term «Places of Power», and to this day, this topic is of great interest to her. With the move to Ukraine in 1993, Lana began to explore the Places of Power in Ukraine. Several years ago she visited Baikal, was inspired, and decided to create her first pictorial series of works «Places of Power», which included landscapes from Trakhtemirova, Totokh Mountain, Cappadocia, Crimea, Baikal, USA. After which she decided to devote herself entirely to painting. In 2017, she graduated from the National Academy of Culture and Arts of Ukraine and received a master’s degree in Fine Arts. In 2018 she participated in the exhibition at the international exhibition Kiev Art Fair, where she presented her work «Atlants». Since 2017 she has been conducting art education for children. She actively participates in charity projects and events. Lana is confident that the main goal of art is to bring people positive emotions. The artist paints pictures in an impressionistic manner, but often experiments and is not afraid to change the style. Among the works there are decorative paintings and compositions made in the technique of oil monotype, oil painting, in a variety of mixed techniques. The artist uses a variety of materials – oil, acrylic, pastel, graphite, watercolor, ink. Working in the open air, prefers watercolor and pastel. Having made sketches and came to the workshop, the artist immediately transfers them to the canvas already in the technique of oil painting. Most of all, Lana Kaufman likes to use clean and open colors in her work. He builds on the canvas an expressive mosaic of shades, and the picture comes to life. Often the plots of paintings are majestic panoramas of nature. Particularly inspired by the artist Places of power, which are located around the globe. Pictures of the author are exhibited in various museums and events, as well as in private collections in the USA, Ukraine and other countries. Personal exhibitions September-October 2018 – «Places of Power», Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine Group exhibitions May 2018 – Kyiv Art Fair, Kyiv, Ukraine Nowember 2018 – International Art Exhibition «Genesis», Roma, Italy.2018 Viennese Ball in Kiev.2018 Viennese Ball in Lviv.2019 exhibition "Dialogues of imagination" New York.


2018.  Kyiv Art Fair. Kyiv
2018.  Personal exibition " Places of power" . Kyiv
2018.  Genesis. Rome
2018.  Viennese Ball. Lviv
2018.  Dialogues of imagination. New York
2019.  Viennese Ball. Kyiv
2019.  Kyiv Art Fair. Kyiv